Melbourne Central Tower has achieved a 4.5-Star unassisted (5 assisted) NABERS Energy rating and a 3-Star NABERS Water rating, demonstrating the commitment to make a positive impact on the environment.

Advanced Technology

Melbourne Central Tower works with external engineers to review the building's monitoring systems to ensure optimal performance. LED lighting upgrades also took place in 2012, with sensor activation, to further reduce the energy consumption of the building.

Sustainable Operations

The building implements the most efficient technologies and ensures all savings are maintained through comprehensive metering and monitoring systems. This practice has resulted in a 34% energy reduction and a 36% water reduction since 2005.

Waste Management System

With waste management and recycling facilities that encourage separating streams at the source of generation, Melbourne Central Tower maintains an integrated resource management approach with the goal to achieve a recycling rate of 75% by December 2016.


The building was designed to reduce energy and water consumption, providing long-term cost efficiencies for tenants while not compromising on the usability, comfort and flexibility of the space.


The office design features 2.9m high ceilings for continuous access to natural light, meaning less energy is required for lighting.


This commitment to sustainability gives businesses within the building the ideal foundation to reach their own environmental goals.

BEEC Report

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5 Star - NABERS Energy Rating

4.5 Stars without Green Power assist.
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3 Stars - NABERS Water Rating

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