Lobby Works Update and Stage 5 Opening

Summary of the works include:

Lobby works - digital art wall

  • Works commence on 30 November and each weeknight moving forward.
  • Barricades and signage will be in place directing tenants to the appropriate paths of travel in and out of the lobby.

Forecourt Opening

  • On 9 December, the new forecourt entry will open, now repositioned facing the corner of Little Lonsdale and Elizabeth Streets.
  • From the evening of 6 December, hoarding panels will be reconfigured to open up the new forecourt entry.
  • Entry to the lobby over the weekend will be via the rear entrance off Menzies Alley from the Elizabeth St side only. The Menzies Alley entrance off Little Lonsdale St will also be closed.

Rear entrance closure

  • From the evening of 9 December, the rear entrance will be closed until refurbishment works are fully complete. The only entry and exit will be through the front forecourt during this time.

Stage 2 lift lobby works & weekend entrance closure

Summary of the works include:

3 August

  • Elizabeth Street entrance will be closed on August 3 between 6.00am - 5.00pm. 
  • Signage will be placed at the revolving door and inside the lobby advising tenants to use the rear entrance off Menzies Alley.

7 August

  • Lift lobby refurbishment works will commence.
  • Low, sky and Apex tenants (levels 2-9 & 34-51) will not be able to use the passenger lifts to travel between floors, to the ground floor or the lower ground floors after 9.00pm on weeknights and across the weekend.
  • Tenants will need to take the medium rise lifts (E-I) to level 10 and then the goods lift to/from their floor between these times.
  • Tenants will not be able to directly access the ground floor using the goods lift.
 All works will be undertaken outside of business hours. All weeknight works will be undertaken between 9.00pm - 5.30am as well as across weekends.

Stage 1 Works Are Now Completed

Summary of the works include:

13-14 June
  • The three light boxes in the lobby will be disconnected and relocated to their new positions for the next phase. This area will be cordoned off but will not affect access to Elizabeth Street.
  • Axil will be closed on Friday 14 June, re-opening on Monday 17 June.
14 June from 8pm
  • Elizabeth Street entrance is closed from Friday evening and across the entire weekend. Access into the building will be via the rear, Menzies Alley entrance. 
15 June
  • The extension of scaffold/gantry at Elizabeth St and Menzies Alley corner will be cordoned off and traffic management will be in place directing the public in preparation for the demolition of the old Food Inc tenancy. Access will be maintained through Menzies Alley, both to the escalators to Melbourne Central Station and the rear entrance to the building.
17 June
  • The entrance off Elizabeth St remains the same however the tunnel will now divert you into the new section of the lobby. The new Concierge desk will be in place with entry to the lift lobbies through the south core.
Please note:  Access from the rear entrance will now take you along the new DDA ramp. Tenants should now use Fire Stair 1 to access Lower Ground and the Refresh area.

Stage 2 Works Commence 26 February 2019

Stage 2 of the Lobby Transformation works are commencing from Tuesday 26 February. 

Summary of the works include:

26-28 February
  • Installation of hoarding panels across lobby columns will be installed progressively over the next 3 nights.
2-3 March
  • Construction of the temporary tunnel to the north entrance off Elizabeth Street will commence (ref to 2. in the plan below). The tunnel will allow for scaffolding to be constructed for remediation works to commence to the spaceframe above, and demolition of the previous Food Inc premises.
Please note:  There will be no access into the building off Elizabeth Street during the weeknight works and over the weekend. Please use the Menzies Alley entrance if you need to access the building. Signage will be in place to direct any customers or visitors.

Stage 2 Early Works Commence 2 February 2019

From Saturday 2 & Sunday 3 February early works will occur for stage 2 with access affected.

Summary of works include:
  • Installation of the gantry and hoarding facing Elizabeth Street, including a tunnel leading to the north revolving door, and hoarding along Little Lonsdale Street
  • Access to the lobby over the weekend is only available via the rear entry from Menzies Alley
  • Once the gantry is installed there will be no parking spaces available on the footpath for motorcycles.
Weeknights commencing Monday 4 February:
  • Installation of the scaffolding in Menzies Alley outside the previous Food Inc. premises
  • Works to Menzies Alley will occur outside business hours and will not affect access into the building
  • Once these installations are complete, normal business and after hours entry to the lobby will resume to what is currently in place, via the Elizabeth Street north entrance, and to the rear of the building off Menzies Alley.
Further updates on Stage 2 of the project will occur in the coming weeks.

Stage 1 Works Commenced 17 December 2018

Stage 1 changes to the lobby include:
  • The concierge desk has been relocated and a temporary desk will be installed
  • Additional hoarding constructed in the lobby
  • The Built site office and sheds are located on Lower Ground adjacent to bike cage (access to bike cage and Refresh area does not change) 
  • Food Inc. ceased trading on 24 December 2018.