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The Lift Modernisation project will modernise and refurbish a core building service and improve customer satisfaction - creating a seamless door to desk transition.


The modernisation of this key building service will replace both the hardware and software of the existing lift system. This will include replacing current call buttons with destination control panels, installing digital screens within the lifts, replacing all mechanical elements within the lift shafts and installing the latest technologies. 


Partnering with Kone to install new destination control technology, Melbourne Central Tower will be able to offer customers a seamless door to desk experience with predicted travel patterns, eliminating over-crowding and reducing unnecessary stops.    


Upon completion of the lift modernisation, customers and their guests will be able to enjoy greater reliability, and a reduction in both wait and travel times when using the lifts. The new system is also equipped with self-sustaining energy generation capabilities, enhancing the building's green credentials.


The destination control system will be installed in July 2016 and progressively launched early August 2016. The mechanical upgrade schedule will take one lift in each rise out of service at a time to help minimise disruptions to our customers.  Each lift will take 3 months to complete and scheduled completion of the entire modernisation program is due in June 2018.




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The destination control system will be installed in July 2016 and progressively launched early August 2016.
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